Regina Transit (Saskatchewan)

A Special Thanks to Kevin Lo for submitting these photos of Regina Transit's new Nova Bus LFS buses. Many more of these photos of Regina LFS buses and others can be found on Kevin's website at .

2006 Nova Bus "Low Floor" model LFS-40 #'s 609 & 610

Photo Added: 

#610 is seen at a Downtown Bus Zone loading passengers before departing as a route 15 Heritage Eastbound in this view captured on October 10, 2006 by Peter McLaughlin.

Photo Added: 

#610 in the Downtown Core. Photo captured by Luke Olszewski on May 31, 2007.

Photos Added: 

#610 and 623 both have the same wrap and were captured at the same time in the downtown core on April 12, 2012. Photos captured by Peter McLaughlin.

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